Sports that could be added for the Los Angeles Olympics… including karting


OTwo years before the Paris Olympics, we are already talking about the 2028 Games in Los Angeles and the potential new events that could be added to it, including karting.

In 2023, the IOC will have to decide to reintegrate weightlifting (insured for Paris), pentathlon and boxing in the initial program for 2028.

The number of basic sports is 28, including climbing, skateboarding and surfing, which will be present in Paris. However, new ones can be added, as long as they do not represent 10,500 athletes in total.

Nine international federations have been invited to bid for LA28, with cricket federation ICC, for example, due to showcase its sport and competition model this month.

But there are eight others in the running and they are: Breakdance (World DanceSport Federation), Baseball/softball (WBSC), Flag football (IFAF), Lacrosse (World Lacrosse), Karate (WKF), Kickboxing (WAKO), Squash (WSF) and motorsport (FIA).

The latest addition to these submissions is the FIA, which in 2012 was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. This raises the question of what kind of event they will present to the IOC, but it’s worth remembering that these bodies have collaborated before.

Motor racing was included in the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. An e-karting (electric karting) race was on the program as an exhibition event. Everything suggests that this precedent will be followed as electric karting aims to become the first Olympic motor racing event.


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