Open water swimming: the best accessories to practice this sport


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Open water swimming is a very popular discipline among people of all ages. These are some key gadgets to practice it.

The triathlon boom has revived a swimming modality that is all the rage, and that is open water swimming. It can be practiced at sea, in swamps, lakes or rivers, wherever you want as long as the conditions of the area allow it.

It’s much more fun than classic pool swimmingespecially if you practice it in a group, because one more factor is added to the physical and technical factor of this sport: orientation and adaptation to the environment, which makes training (and competition) very difficult , especially for beginners.

Do it where you do it, there is some accessories for swimming in open water that are advisable to have and that are not too expensive either. Not all are technological, but some are.

As more and more people take up the sport, there are even areas that have even set up sea lanes for swimming, as well as clubs founded around a discipline that can be practiced all year round using a combination.

  1. Safety and signaling buoy
  2. gps sports watch
  3. Specific wetsuit for swimming
  4. Brightly colored hat
  5. Glasses with a wide viewing angle
  6. anti chafing cream

safety buoy

In recent years, the use of floating signal buoys for swimming in open water has become popular (fortunately).

Although not mandatory in all bathing areas, It is always advisable to wear them, as they signal your position in the event of an accident or injury and can prevent you from being run over by boat or jet ski, which unfortunately is not impossible.

There are many types, even with a waterproof compartment to store your cell phone or keys inside.

gps sports watch

This is one of the categories in which it is more difficult to choose due to the wide variety that exists. Many sports watches have a swim mode, although not all do it well.

If you want a watch for open water, yes or yes, it needs to have GPS and an open water mode, a way to accurately count distance traveled or pace.

Best of all is almost certainly the Garmin Swim 2, with GPS and the most advanced swimming modes, so much so that in the pool it can count meters, strokes and calculate SWOLF.

Its price is usually around 200 euros, although if you prefer to see other alternatives there are also Garmin, Polar or Suunto, specialized brands.

Neoprene for swimming

Maybe in summer it is not so necessary to have a wetsuit to swim, depending on the area in which you do it, but if you want to continue doing it in autumn or winter you will have without any doubt need a full suit.

Fortunately, there are already many models on sale, but it is important that you buy one for swimming and not for surfing. The reason for this is that key joints for swimming, such as the shoulders, are much freer if the suit is swim-specific, thus preventing injury.

There are different thicknesses, it depends on the water temperature in your usual area.

Brightly colored hat

There is a reason why yellow, green, orange and other “garish” colored caps are often given out in open water and triathlon competitions and it is to improve visibility.

In open water, your head is usually the only part of your body that’s visible, so the more visible the better.

A brightly colored cap, like a buoy, can help make your position visible while you’re swimming, so it’s always a better option than not wearing a cap at all.

Glasses with a wide viewing angle

About the tastes they say there is nothing written, and it is true. In swimming, there are goggles of all kinds: dark, clear, colored, smaller, larger and in all price ranges.

For swimming outdoors, many people prefer dark glasses because of the sun, but this is surely a mistake, because underwater in the sea or in a river or swamp, you can usually see between little and nothing. .

It makes the feeling of putting your head in water totally suffocating if you’re wearing dark glasses, although it all depends on how much sunlight you can or can’t stand when breathing. If you do it correctly, it is better to wear transparent glasses.

By far the favorite of triathletes and open water swimmers is Zoggs, their Predator, available in many different colorways. Very similar are the Decathlon Spirit.

anti chafing cream

Vaseline, moisturizer and all kinds of ointments were used to avoid annoying chafing and burning on the neck and armpits when swimming in the sea.

However, if there’s anything that works, it’s this anti chafing cream. It is sold by Decathlon and is used for sports such as running, but also for swimming.

It is a good alternative to the usual petroleum jelly, which nevertheless continues to act and is quite resistant to water.

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