North Shelly boardriders win big


[Video story included] The North Shelly Boardriders were the proud winners of the Australian Boardriders Battle Grand Final in Newcastle on the weekend of February 5-6.

In what has become world famous as the biggest and best club surfing series on the planet, the crew of North Shelly were thrilled to claim the top prize after five years of competing for the title.

The Hyundai-sponsored event at Newcastle Beach showed the North Shelly crew to their best form with a real team effort in the hour-long finale.

Anchored by surfer Joel Vaughan, time management was a huge factor.

Vaughan made a five-point run and entered the gates to pressure the other three clubs with minutes to spare.

Longtime North Shelly legend and Masters contender Russ Molony was over the moon with the long-awaited win.

“When you’re surfing in the water you feel calm and pretty good, but when you’re on the beach it’s so nerve-wracking that we’re just trying to stay calm and feed off the energy of the water. ‘other.

“It’s huge for our club, thank you so much to all of our loyal supporters for making the trip to Newcastle,” said Molony.

North Shelly Boardriders were also one of 15 boardrider clubs in NSW to receive state-of-the-art trauma first aid kits on February 5, as part of a collaborative project between Surfing NSW and the government from NSW.

The presentation coincided with Team North Shelly winning the Australian Boardriders Battle Final.

The bespoke kits, which were designed for use in the event of an immediate and life-threatening traumatic incident, were designed in conjunction with Surfing NSW staff and included equipment for dealing with immediate trauma, bleeding control, hypothermia, management of fractures and minor injuries.

“Surfers are often the first to respond to surf zone incidents at unsupervised or regional beaches and in many cases every second counts,” said Matt Lawson, Surfers Rescue 24/7 coordinator at Surfing NSW.

“The provision of these specialist trauma kits and training at 190 sites in New South Wales will save lives.

“If immediate first aid is needed following a shark attack, fin stab or propeller injury, we can help reduce serious injury or preserve life while paramedics are on the way,” Lawson said.

Nicola Riches


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