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Travel company Escape Adventures offers an energetic new way to explore Maui, Hawaii.

A six-day adventure loops around the Maui Valley between Pu’u Kukui in the west and Mount Haleakal in the east.

In addition to road biking, surf lessons and sea kayaking, this multi-sport adventure offers several unforgettable hikes to discover the island on foot.

“With over 20 ecosystems and many hills, biking here is always an adventure,” said Jared Fisher, founder and director of Escape Adventures.

“One minute we’ll be traversing a lush rainforest, and the next we’ll be rounding the corner to a massive sunlit lava flow, or descending onto a private peninsula for fresh, hot Hawaiian banana bread.”

“We combine scenic biking with great hiking, sea kayaking, and even surfing, to pack the best of Maui into a week-long active Hawaiian retreat,” Fisher said.

Day 1 | Cycling – West Maui Mountains

Start the day biking along the coast of Mauna Kahalawai (West Maui Mountains). This western quarter of the island is an eroded volcano much older than Mount Haleakala to the east. Later, ascend 1,000 feet through classic Maui scenery: waterfall-studded valleys and sea cliffs line the road. Next, pass through the old Hawaiian fishing village of Kahakuloa where they still grow taro.

Day 2 | Biking & Sea Kayaking

Pass Maui’s only winery along a road with little to no vehicular traffic for nearly 40 miles. This route provides a great introduction to Hawaii with views of the ocean, mountains, and four of the other Hawaiian Islands along the way. There is about 3,500 feet of elevation gain on this 30 mile trip.

Day 3 | Surfing and free time

Spend the morning learning to surf with a two-hour private lesson. Set off at the best time of day to learn, in one of the best places to learn, with expert, personalized instruction. Then head into town to shop at the many local stores and markets or relax on one of Kihei’s public beaches. Those looking for more sun and sand can head south to the famous Big Beach.

Day 4 | Hike Mount Haleakela

A trip to Mt. Haleakel- demonstrates Hawaii’s natural history up close. The remarkable volcanic landscape of the summit region quickly gives way to a variety of other ecosystems as one descends into the park. Pass through several ecological zones on the way to the summit. Here, a wide variety of native Hawaiian plants and animals thrive, including some species found nowhere else in the world.

Day 5 | Haiku Bike to Ke’anae Village

Cycle through the rainforest to the village of Ke’anae. A tropical atmosphere teeming with lush green foliage, combined with incredible views of the ocean and Haleakela, make this one of the best rides on the planet. At Ke’anae, stop for hot banana bread as the waves pound the lava rocks below. The day hikes total over 3,000 feet of elevation gain over 50 miles.

Day 6 | Hike – Bamboo forest

From the trailhead of the famous Hana Highway, embark on a unique hiking adventure. Venture into a lush section of bamboo forest as you pass three classic Hawaiian waterfalls along the way. Bring a bathing suit to swim in the freshwater pools that lie at the foot of the falls.

All in-field expenses and services are covered in the cost of the tour, such as all transportation, food preparation, meals, snacks, soft drinks, group supplies, and community equipment. Backcountry permits, licenses, park fees, reservations and accommodations are also included, along with at least two professionally trained attendants, a mobile first aid and mechanic station, spare bicycles and one or more support vehicles.

Escape Adventures covers over 100 destinations and caters to the full spectrum of active travellers, depending on their fitness level and type of activity, from road cyclists to mountain bikers and multi-sport enthusiasts.


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