Is surfing an expensive sport? –


Sport needs investment. Equipment is essential for almost any sport, even running. To run, you need a pair of running shoes, which can cost anywhere from $5 to over $300.

Sports that have bats, snowboards, balls, rackets, clubs, can cost a lot more than other sports that have little or no equipment. Surfing is a sport that also does not have a lot of equipment. You technically need a surfboard and a swimsuit. Shouldn’t it be that expensive?

As always, it depends on the level of equipment, as well as the maintenance of his board.

Here is a financial breakdown of surfing.

When you want to surf, you need a surfboard. Their prices range from $100 to a few thousand dollars. Beginner surfboards should cost around $300, but no more than $500. A beginner shouldn’t pay for a professional board, mainly because boards can break, and a beginner will make more mistakes than a pro. This is a relatively heavy investment for most people, especially if they are unsure if they want to surf.

There is always the possibility of renting a board to see if you like the sport or not.

Surfers need a wetsuit. Why? To keep the body warm. They are usually made from neoprene and are used to prevent body heat from escaping. Suits can be thicker or thinner, depending on their purpose. When surfing in cold weather, a thicker wetsuit, also known as a steamer or full wetsuit, should be used to avoid freezing.

Costumes can cost between 120 and a thousand dollars, which is too much for a beginner. Depending on when and where they plan to surf, a thicker wetsuit may be required. So far, initial costs for surfing are around $500, which isn’t that expensive considering what people pay for phones these days.

These are consumable items, which must be used regularly. A surfboard needs to be waxed in order not to get damaged and to remain adherent. Traction pads do the same thing, except they are placed on certain parts of the board, so the surfer can always know where to find grip. These things wear out and need regular use, but these things can be considered maintenance expenses.

If you live near an ocean or sea, surfing can be done for relatively little money, provided you have the necessary equipment. If your passion for surfing is to go to a new place every time, it will cost you more, especially if there are hundreds of kilometers to cover.

Like most sports, surfing can be expensive or relatively affordable if you buy the right gear for a beginner. Intermediate and advanced surfers will likely want better gear, so their hobby would require bigger investments.


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