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Wingboard will see adrenaline junkies surf thousands of feet in the air while being dragged by planes

Thrill seekers may soon be able to windsurf in the sky while being towed by AIRPLANES.

The new adventure sport – known as Wingboarding – is in development, meaning that a board shaped like an airfoil cuts through the air when attached to an airplane.

Chief Engineer Aaron Wypyszynkski is developing the board and said it would be easily manageable, with adrenaline junkies able to control the board by shifting their weight much like a snowboard or wakeboard.

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Superheroes: the daring project seeks to offer thrill seekers the opportunity to surf in the sky

He said: “The WingBoard is like a wakeboard, but instead of slicing through the waves behind a boat, you are towed by an airplane, you sculpt through the clouds. Aviation is my passion – not only is it my 9-5 work is is my hobby.

What it will look like: adrenaline junkies will be pulled into the air



Mr Wypyszynski, from Alabama in the US, has already built a scale model of his design and is now preparing to build the first full-scale prototype – but has to raise $ 275,000 (£ 191,000) to complete the project .

Prototype: Engineers are looking for ways to make the plan a reality

The Wingboarder will be towed by light aircraft. To return to the ground safely, the pilot would pull a parachute on his back, detach from the aircraft and descend safely.

A separate parachute in their board would also help them fall smoothly to Earth.

Passion: The concept is an original idea of ​​Aaron Wypyszynkski

The 31-year-old said: “I work a standard day as a flight test engineer, come home with my wife and son, and after my son is in bed, head over. into the workshop until 1 a.m. most nights to bring my dreams of the future of aviation to reality.

He added that he was inspired to develop Wingboard by a childhood cartoon called Talespin.

In the series, which aired between 1990 and 91, a character called Kit Cloudkicker – an animated brown bear cub – would jump from the back of his plane and go through the clouds.

Wingboard: Surf the sky thousands of meters high

Mr Wypyszynkski added: “There was no way you could really fly behind an airplane. You can strap a snowboard to your feet and go surfing, but in reality what you are doing is falling.”



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