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Every year, we witness a myriad of events held at the Olympics, whether the Games are held in summer or winter. From beach volleyball and luge to swimming and biathlon, many of the sports featured in the Olympics have stood the test of time and will continue to excel at every Olympics.

However, in rare cases, we can also witness the birth of new sports when the International Olympic Committee decides to add itself to the evolving list of competitions.

What should we expect for the 2026 Games?

The 2026 Winter Olympics will be held in two Italian cities, Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo, which won the bid to host the Games in 2019. Therefore, the official name of the quadrennial competition is “Milano Cortina 2026”. .

The Milano Cortina Games will start on Friday, February 6, 2026.

What new sports will be introduced at the 2026 Olympics?

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee has proposed that ski mountaineering make its debut as a sport at the Milan Games in Cortina.

The sport will take place in mountainous terrain and will involve both hiking and skiing.

“Ski mountaineering is a particularly popular sport in Italy, with deep historical and sporting roots in the Alpine regions,” the IOC said in a statement.

The plan is to add 48 ski mountaineering athletes – 24 for women and 24 for men.

The IOC plans to institute five new medal events in the sport, including sprint and individual races for men and women, as well as a mixed relay.

What new sports debuted at the Beijing 2022 Games?

There were seven new events that debuted during the Beijing Games.

Here is the list and who won each:

  • Women’s Monobob – Kaillie Humphries (USA)
  • Mixed Team Ski Jumping – Ursa Bogataj (SLO)
  • Big air men’s freestyle ski – Birk Ruud (NOR)
  • Women’s big air freestyle ski – Eileen Gu (CHN)
  • Mixed Team Snowboard Cross – Lindsey Jacobellis, Nick Baumgartner (USA)
  • Short Track Team Relay – Charles Hamelin (CAN)
  • Freestyle Skiing Mixed Team Jumps – Ashley Caldwell, Chris Lillis and Justin Schoenefeld (USA)

What new events can we expect in the future?

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris are expected to introduce an additional sport to the list of conventional competitions – break dancing, which will be called “breaking” by the IOC. Breaking is a style of hip-hop dance that includes footwork and athletic pirouettes (back and head).

The trend of adding more sports to the diverse roster of events is fueled by a desire to set new standards for inclusive, gender-balanced and youth-centric games.

According to the Paris 2024 Games official website, “Over the next five years, the inclusion of these events in the Olympic Games will help inspire millions of children to play sports.”


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