Chinese national surfing team resumes training in Hainan — media – Sport


HAIKOU /China/, February 12. /TASS/. China’s national surfing team resumed training on Hainan Island in southern China after the Lunar New Year holiday. This was reported by the Nanguo Metropolis Daily.

The national team consists of 45 athletes and the average age of members is 15 years. . He compared surfing to gymnastics, noting that young athletes have better flexibility and coordination, which allows them to maneuver through the waves more easily.

The Chinese surfer training base is located in Riyue Bay in southeast Hainan. “Sometimes the waves in Riyue Bay are not very good. Then we move to Xiweiwan Bay or Xinquan Bay. If the weather is not conducive to go out on the water, the training of the day turns into physical training,” the post quoted. Ma Fulai, the head coach of the athletes, as said.

Every morning at 8.30 a.m. the team members go out to sea to train. After lunch they have a one hour break and training continues in the afternoon. After dinner, the young athletes study general education subjects.

The national surfing team and its base in Hainan came into being in 2017 after the sport was included in the Olympics in 2016. The first Olympic surfing competition was held in Tokyo in 2021.


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